Posted: January 13, 2015 in Poetry
Hi mom, you’re the best I have.
The narrow escape from the sentence I serve.
The queen of my heart, my love.
You gave more than responsibility. You gave love
You are a true gift from above
If you were a bird you’d be a dove
When I was all big headed,
Rebellious and southwards headed,
You counseled with love, ensured all my pride ended.
Life was so mean I tried and tried but never found what I needed
You sat me down,  told me God was all I ever really needed
I found God and found peace; all I ever needed
Thank you mama!
For directing me to the real papa,
Now I live a life with purpose.
Now I know, material matter don’t matter,
Especially when your soul is tearing up in tatters.
Eternity matters.
I thank God for mothers.
I salute all the responsible Fathers.
Mama gave birth to three of us,
And taught us to love and watch over each other.
I’m not saying she’s better than the others,
But man, she’s better than all the others!
Even in another life I would never,
Trade my mother for any other.

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