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Posted: January 13, 2015 in Poetry
Hi mom, you’re the best I have.
The narrow escape from the sentence I serve.
The queen of my heart, my love.
You gave more than responsibility. You gave love
You are a true gift from above
If you were a bird you’d be a dove
When I was all big headed,
Rebellious and southwards headed,
You counseled with love, ensured all my pride ended.
Life was so mean I tried and tried but never found what I needed
You sat me down,  told me God was all I ever really needed
I found God and found peace; all I ever needed
Thank you mama!
For directing me to the real papa,
Now I live a life with purpose.
Now I know, material matter don’t matter,
Especially when your soul is tearing up in tatters.
Eternity matters.
I thank God for mothers.
I salute all the responsible Fathers.
Mama gave birth to three of us,
And taught us to love and watch over each other.
I’m not saying she’s better than the others,
But man, she’s better than all the others!
Even in another life I would never,
Trade my mother for any other.


Posted: December 18, 2014 in Poetry
I’ve done it all. Fast life and the whisky on the rocks
So learned I attended the school of hard-knocks
Became the stranger that never knocks
Got labeled a rebel by some folks.
Am the rose that grew from the rocks
The monk that grew the dreadlocks
I’ve been served injustice like the colored races
Seen friends turn into strange faces
Learnt patience now I watch good things come in phases
Man I thank the rock of ages,
Coz Just when I was about to lose I dealt a few aces
I would be lying if I said some of this stuff doesn’t get to me
But I also appreciate the lessons these experiences give to me
A fighter is who I be
When I see trouble I don’t flee
Beyond the moment is where I see
Victory is all I see.

Anecdote of the Jar:

Posted: October 14, 2014 in Poetry, Research
I placed a jar in Tennessee,   
And round it was, upon a hill.   
It made the slovenly wilderness   
Surround that hill.

The wilderness rose up to it,

And sprawled around, no longer wild.   
The jar was round upon the ground   
And tall and of a port in air.

It took dominion everywhere.   

The jar was gray and bare.
It did not give of bird or bush,   
Like nothing else in Tennessee.
                                                                                                                                                                                        Anecdote of the Jar is an imagist poem in which Stevens explores the question of the superiority between art and nature: Is nature superior to human creations, or does human creativity surpasses nature in some way? This is an age-old and puzzling question. This poem solves the riddle by recognizing the unique differences between art and nature: art may sometimes be more beautiful than nature but it cannot be as creative as the nature.
The first striking thing about this poem is its title; Anecdote of the Jar. Anecdote suggests a little story that might be funny and most likely to have a moral lesson to it. However, after going through the poem you realize that it is only talking about a jar. This poem starts in the wilderness of Tennessee, where a simple jar is placed. Going by the description of the jar, we get the illusion that this one must be bigger than the average jar. The attention-capturing part is that the Tennessee wilderness seems to be no longer wild since it is ruled by this jar. Since the jar sits on a place of “high ground”, we can conclude that it lies central in the landscape, where it cannot be obscured by a tree, bush, or any living thing in the wild. Thus, the jar sits on a throne. However, it still feels out of place even though it rules Tennessee. It turns out that there are things that only the wilderness, and not the jar, can do; such as growing and breeding.

It is also important to appreciate the first word of the poem, “I”, where the writer says that, “I placed a jar in Tennessee”. After all, the jar did not just place itself in the middle of a hill in Tennessee. It appears that the speaker (the writer of the poem) put it there as a sort of a social experiment. He probably wanted to find out how the jar would affect the wilderness around it. The poem is a sort of an investigation on the line between the man-made and the natural world, and whether it is even necessary to draw such a line in the first place. This query is answered in the final stanza, where we learn that even though the jar may rule over the wilderness, it can never be part of it since it lacks the power to procreate in order to keep it alive for generations.


Posted: May 13, 2014 in Poetry

Have you ever felt lost within yourself?

Like the mirror didn’t reflect your real self?

And you felt the need to format your mind, body, and soul?

Everyone saying how you were great but you didn’t think so?

Have you ever felt all screwed up from your head to the sole?

Have you ever chucked the duce to it all?

Your ambitions, dreams, beliefs, and pals

Developed a deep resistance towards the law?

And you even became an outlaw towards your inner-laws?

Have you ever felt like everyone around you was becoming such a sore?

Have you ever developed a heart that couldn’t bleed?

Felt like you were the seed,

That just couldn’t succeed?

And you probably became friends with weed?

Have you ever wanted everything, full of greed?

Have you ever pulled a Balotelli,

And asked yourself, “Why always me?”

Full of freedom, yet never free?

Living but sort of stationary, just like a tree?

Have you ever considered going on a drinking spree?

Have you ever wanted to run away?

Even though life’s obligations demand that you should stay?

Have you ever made a resolution to quit a certain habit on 1st January?

But still stuck on the same, and it’s already May?

Have you ever deliberately kept walking through sin, “Come what may?”

Have you ever found yourself wondering, “What’s going on?”

But couldn’t figure out coz it’s like your mind was gone?

Did you ever wish that you could get re-born,

And try all over again to fix the parts of you that were torn?

Have you ever felt like a clown?

If you haven’t, by all means, shoot for the stars boo

But if you have, I feel you mate, coz I have too

Just know one thing though,

You are not your own creator,

And have no right to be your own hater.

Every product gets manufactured for a reason.

Once its useful life is over, it’s considered obsolete, dead.

As long as you breathe, that’s your useful life. MAKE IT COUNT.


Inside a Single Man’s Mind

Posted: February 8, 2014 in Poetry

Time to time I think about my social life,

And how things have changed over time.

How we used to rock it with my boys:

Doing Endless road trips,

Throwin parties to celebrate nothing.

Generally trippin,

And ON ONE! every chance we get!

Well, not any more, bro…

It’s another weekend, and..

Am socially, totally lost!

Kama has taken Bernice to paradise lost,

Brian has flown Edith to the coast,

Regardless of the cost,

just to cement her box!

Dan is upcountry to meet Pauline’s folks.

Well…, martin is equally unlucky. But dude is in denial!

Then there’s Peter, who’s actually like the Paul in the Bible:

He doesn’t care, therefore he doesn’t count!

So now every weekend am forced to rock my arsenal tee n wait for the next kickoff!

Thereafter I travel home. To meet my own parents!

Looks like these are the only left moments I cherish.

So now am hanging out with my folks: and it’s all fun and games until,

Shortly into the conversation an awkward moment shoots!

Mama looks at me in the eye…..and shoot!

“So……, anyone that you’ve been thinking of?”

I ask her, aint there nothing in my life that u proud of?

She asks, really? No girl out there that you’re fond of?

You know, someone that you at least admire, sort of?

I go numb,

Knowing that my love life is another school of hard knocks!

You know, doing coffee dates, dinners, and what-not’s,

In the hope that love grows n hopefully one day tie the knot,

But every time I keep getting the same sorry-not’s…

So, clearly, the situation is hysterical.

And I surely need a miracle!

So I decide to have a meeting with myself.

I pull the chairs, sit down, begin with a.. hi.

Then I ask myself …why?

Did I play too fly,

to even notice her walk by?

Or maybe she’s the one I just walked by,

Friend-zoned, eventually ignored, and waved goodbye.

But hold on! sit down dude! Grab a minute maid.

Hold up!, and lets have a minute, mate.

See, underneath all the denial, is logic that understands why.

Beyond the setbacks is a hope that never dies

Beyond the broken glasses is a heart that never says die!

Coz’ at the end of the night is the daylight

At the end of the day it’s not by might!

At the end of the tunnel is the light!

The way, and the truth.

God Himself, waiting, until it’s His Time.

But until then,

I ’ma keep on keeping on- holding on- praying on

And after all this is done,

Then His will, will be done

Our union will be authorized and the deal done!

And we shall live happily ever after!