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live and let live

I have always admired diversity. I like the way in the beginning, God created different versions of the same thing: the way He separated the dry land from the water bodies, day from night, black from white, female from male, and so on. Two extremes, yet of the same thing. He created animals and also created diversity in them. Some wild, others ‘domesticable’ (I know that’s a fake word). Some to fly, walk, crawl, swim. Some fierce, scary, gentle. Some to bite, sting, swallow. Large and small, all colors represented. He did the same with trees and all other living things. Then he created man, and was pleased.

Let’s pause there for a minute.

He created man in his own image, we are told. Hold on: currently, we have 7 billion humans worldwide. None resembling the other. None! We are all unique in our way.

So, what exactly is the image of God?

The human species comes in all versions; white to “colored”, tall to short, thin to thick, liberal to conservative, extroverts to introverts, and so on. No one is exactly like the other, so we have over 7 billion personalities. Yet we are all the same due to one fact: we are human, we are people. We all came from Adam and Eve.

That, dear friends, is called diversity. I think God loves diversity. I think God is not pleased about the way religions fight each other in His name. And to answer the question, I think the “image of God” is not a standard phenomenon. It has to be diverse. We all harbor the image of God in our own ways.

My point, exactly?

Hating each other on the basis of something as little as opinion is stupid!

In particular, all this gender-based hullabaloo happening in our society today makes me sick to the stomach! With all the First World Problems we have in this century, I think perpetrators of gender-based biases should be locked up and the cell keys thrown far away (into the ocean, maybe) for having misplaced priorities. They are also humans though, we live with them, and we have to accept them.

Let’s engage in a little real talk:

Gender is not a good enough reason to not hire anyone for a job that they’re qualified for in every way. Gender is not a good enough reason for society to decide how anyone should dress, speak, act, or communicate. The difference between acting “open minded” and “conservative” is not decided by genitalia. Each personality is completely different and can identify anywhere on the spectrum from 100% feminine to 100% masculine.

I hate gender-based stereotypes. They make it hard for men to find or feel comfortable with working as nurses, teachers, secretaries, or in bars and restaurants. No all women are bad drivers, mismanage finances, or get overwhelmed at the slightest bit of pressure. It is also unfortunate that women who are victims of sexism are called “bitchy”, or that men are encouraged to sow their wild oats, but women are shamed for any demonstrations of sexuality. The right to equality and respect isn’t dependent on gender, just as it shouldn’t be with any other characteristic.

My Body, My Space.

First of all, let’s agree that every body (yes, kila mwili) is unique. Each has its quirks, weak points, strong points, and finer points. Some bodies have experienced life: medical procedures, accidents, scrapes and bruises, piercings, tattoos, weird haircuts and fashion statements, and so on. Only the owner of a body really understands its journey. So why should anyone be telling anyone what they can or cannot do with their body? Unless you are obligated to nurture one’s moral and general development; say a parent, a religious leader or just someone who really cares, I think it is only fair to focus on your own and let everyone else deal with theirs. Live and Let Live.

However, I do not entirely blame the haters. I think as humans we are inclined to want to ‘accept’ and associate with those who are like us and detest those who are not. I’m not sure why, (I’m not an authority in these matters)but I think we are naturally inclined to ‘not like’ those who do not believe in whatever we believe in. maybe it is a sort of a survival tactic that the body assumes to shield itself from the ‘enemy’? I’m not sure.

I’m sure of one thing, though; we need to develop an orientation toward life that makes existence bearable and maybe allow even the most tenuous social relationships to remain intact. We need to Live and Let Live.