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make a life

At some point, you entertained the idea that you were born to do something significant. But then high school happened. Or college. And your parents talked you into becoming a lawyer instead of a dancer. Or an uncle convinced you that med school was a smarter move than an art school.

And here’s the worst part: you believed them.

When “real life” began, you gave up, but called it “growing up” instead, and abandoned the dream altogether.

But even then, you knew you were wrong. No matter how noisy the world got, no matter how busy you became, regardless of the amount of money you made, there would always be a calling deep inside you.

Everywhere around us, we can find excuses for why people aren’t pursuing meaningful work. Most of us, if we’re honest, feel stuck with the hands that we’ve been dealt in life and are secretly wondering if we’re missing out.

We wander aimlessly from one job to the next, unsure of what to look for or expect. We daydream and distract ourselves with thoughts of a better life. We visit the theatre and admire actors. We listen to our favorite music and admire the artist’s prowess. We visit the art gallery and get wowed by the art. We see a good sculpture and admire the sculpture’s handiwork. But it ends there. We are just spectators. Sad.

We were told to follow a series of steps.

We were told there was a defined process.

We were told we could be whatever we wanted.

We were lied to.

A job you love brings meaning to your work and life. It does not look like any class you’ve ever taken nor does it necessarily give you an expensive lifestyle. But it just feels right and can be trusted. I think the journey to our purpose is more of an ancient path. It’s the route legendary master craftsmen and carpenters of yester-years took. It does not come on a silver plate but requires perseverance and dedication. It is rewarding. It is a blessing from above.